Research Biography

My main area of philosophical interest is philosophy of science. I am especially interested in philosophy of physics, and issues at the intersection of physics and metaphysics. My PhD dissertation was on foundational issues in quantum mechanics, and I have published eleven papers in philosophy of physics. For example, my paper “Prolegomena to Any Future Physics-Based Metaphysics” has been cited a number of times as providing a new perspective on the relationship between physics and metaphysics.

I am also interested in the physics and metaphysics of time. For example: does time really pass, or is time just a dimension like the dimensions of space, or is some combination of these views true?

In the past, a key area of my research has been philosophy of religion – I am interested in the fundamental metaphysical question of whether God exists. My work has focused on the question of whether science does (or even could) provide evidence for the existence of God. I am an atheist, but I find that some science-based arguments for the existence of God have some force. My aforementioned paper “Prolegomena to Any Future Physics-Based Metaphysics” received the 2011 Excellence in Philosophy of Religion Prize (even though only part of the paper is about philosophy of religion).

I have also contributed to the literature in formal epistemology – how to understand probability and probabilistic reasoning. I am especially interested in developing a more realistic version of Bayesian epistemology, one that can, for example, handle cases of information loss.

While the above are my main research areas, I have wide-ranging interests. For example, I have published an essay “Morality Grounds Personal Identity” in which I argue that personal identity facts are made true by more fundamental moral facts.

An (I think interesting) interview with me is available here.

My work on predicting future duration from present age is talked about in the New York Times here.

I have an out-of-date blog on intelligent design issues.